Lea Lončar - workshop "Lighten the glow – transformative practices of Tibetan Yoga"

18. 4. 2020 | 10:00 - 16:00
Happyoga Studio
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Lea Lončar v Happyoga studiu!

Těšíme se na další setkání se skvělou, inspiratiní a charizmatickou lektorkou jógy - Leou Lončar.

Těšíme se na Vás :-)

Cena za 1 den workshopu (sobota nebo neděle) 3.000 Kč

Cena za kompletní workshop (sobota+neděle) 5.500 Kč

Lighten the glow – transformative practices of Tibetan Yoga

Lea brings us again new and fresh perspective on Yoga. Her research and training in Tibetan Healing Lu Jong Yoga has inspired her to share her vision and integration of this ancient practice influenced by Buddhism and ancient shamanism of Tibet, into modern movement yoga.

Tibetan yoga focuses on balancing 5 elements – earth, water, fire (glow), wind, space. By balancing elements, one’s balances body-mind dynamics in a nature-sustainable way, bringing more peace into the system and preparing the system for meditation practices.

Lea found Tibetan yoga to be very much meditation-inducing, as breathing techniques and movements induce balance of the nerve system and pleasant sensations in the body that brings one closer to inner forces and knowledge about body-mind capacity. Practices initiate self-regulation of the body-mind that harmonises and brings practitioner closer to the sensation of being part of the nature. This is done through exercises, breathing, meditation and visualisation. Tibetan yoga is a wonderful support for healing process, of physical , psychological or spiritual nature.

Lea holds certification in Tibetan Yoga and has studied directly with masters Loten Dahortsang and Tulku Lobsang Rimpoche.

Program is suitable for all level of practices.


Saturday 10-12:30h

Lu Jong- introduction to basic breathwork and 5 elements.

General introduction in Tibetan yoga, its background and basic principles.

5 Elements practice

Postures and exercises with the story; we learn how to do 5 elements practices, how you can practice it at home, what are the benefits and how to do it in details.

Pranayama and Meditation -  back to simplicity and ease – basic breath work

Saturday 14-16h

Feeling is understanding

Deep relaxation - Yoga Nidra practice with 5 elements focus

Discussion and group work:

How can we gain trust in our body intuition, through balancing 5 elements? How to induce healing, deal with dis-ease and regain trust in our body-mind system when system fails us?

Reconnecting to nature through yoga practices

Sunday 10-12:30h

Healing Tibetan Yoga

We learn and practice over 20 Tibetan yoga postures, Tibetan breathwork and relaxation

Sunday 14:00-16:00

Healing Tibetan Yoga II

Yoga Nidra practice with 5 elements focus

Benefits of the practices

How to integrate Tibetan Yoga into your daily usual yoga flow



3000 CZK per one day (Saturday or Sunday)

5500 CZK complete workshop (Saturday + Sunday)

About Lea
Lea has been drawn to Yoga wisdom since her childhood and started to teach already at age 17. She was lucky to study with great teachers of our time, such as founder of Integral Yoga (Swami Satchidananda) or founder of Ashtanga Yoga (P Jois and his family) and was pioneering yoga in Norway. Well-grounded in a wide spectrum of Yoga practices, she has been teaching mainly in Europe and Scandinavia where she is the co-founder of Zenit Yoga, founder of Samvidyoga and associate of Institute for Health, Croatia.

Her deep interest in Yoga psychology is grounded in her academic work (NTNU) and research on Yoga. Lea is a guest lecturer at workshops and Teacher trainings in Europe and Scandinavia, as well as faculty member of Zenit Yoga TTC 200 & 300. Leas energetic and compassionate being have inspired hundreds of people on their Yoga path, and she is committed to share Yoga alchemy with all beings that want to make a difference - starting with themselves. Lea is continuously researching on Yoga and integrating different yoga insights into meaningful tools for today´s practitioners needs. Currently Lea is writing a PhD in Psychology and lives in Norway with her 2 sons.

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